1. Mary Anne Parrish says

    ABOUT TIME!! I thought I was going to have to light a fire under Joe!! Just kidding! Congratulations to you both! You can’t imagine how excited everyone is for you! Love to you both!

  2. Kristi Parker Anglin says

    Oh my goodness….I am in love with y’all! Not in a weird creepy way, but a “oh my goodness they are perfectly adorable together” way :). I admire your passion and ability to capture the essence of every moment. I am inspired! Congratulations to the both of you!!

  3. Kylie (Wynn) says

    Wow, Congratulations you two! Andrea it seems like yesterday that we were planning how to take some station wagon to NC. I couldn’t be happier for you guys! You have an amazing life. Embrace it.

  4. Lynne Edwards says

    This is absolutely the most wonderful news ! I am so happy for the both of you. God is joining two of the finest young people together for a life of love and happiness. I wish you all the best as you enjoy your engagement ! God bless you. Love always, Mrs. Edwards

  5. kayla hall says

    congratulations, i love this! the pictures are beautiful, wish you both the best and i cant wait to see more pictures!!

  6. says

    Okay you two, I am way way behind on this but CONGRATULATIONS. From the ring to the plan and location, this is fantastic. And the way you started this story Joe, I actually thought it was going to be about how you were scammed. This is a much better ending!

    Hope you guys are doing well (it seems like you are!)


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