Tucked Away

A few weeks back, we ventured to the West Coast for our first long distance photo session.  The cold temperatures after Flying into Ontario, California and driving over 6,000 feet above sea level were quite a shock to our systems. It was much warmer here in NC the entire time we were there!

We were in a beautifully quaint little town known as Wrightwood.  Consisting of 100 foot tall Redwoods, tiny winding streets, and A-Frame houses, it makes for a perfect get away from the hectic day to day struggles of any ordinary day.

Welcome to Mandy and Derek’s hometown.

   Mandy and Derek cherish their home and wanted us to simply hang out with them for a while and shoot them in their natural element. Their home is full of history and warmth and built in the 1920’s, it is the epitome of the classic mountain cabin.  From the wrap around front porch to the wood stove, everything in their home is authentic.

Nothing is more authentic than their personalities though. From the moment we were there, we were treated like part of the family and when it was time to leave for the big city of LA we were reluctant to part ways.

Thankfully, our journey with them has just begun. We will be traveling back out in December to photograph their wedding just outside of Santa Barbara at the phenomenal Figueroa Mountain Farmhouse.  ((http://www.figueroamountainfarmhouse.com/))

We cant wait!! Enjoy!