.it’s the little things.

We have written before about our vacations with friends and family and how much we enjoy the precious times we have with each other.  This past weekend I think we realized what makes vacations so memorable and meaningful to us-

-the little things.

  We stayed in a beautiful cabin overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, with seven other amazing friends.  It was supposed to be a weekend based around skiing and snowboarding, but due to the abnormally warm winter it was not worth our time or money.  In between the thick episodes of fog, we could easily see Sugar and Beech Mountain from our balcony, but that was as close as we came to touching the slopes all weekend.

This was not a problem at all. The cabin was immaculate. The view was perfect. The time we had was even better.

I have always been one to love “the journey” of vacations. The act of finding our cabin was certainly a journey. (Go to the top of the mountain…then keep going.)

-the little things.

It was the ride all the guys made down the mountain Saturday morning to get milk and the horrible car sickness that came along with it.

The smell of breakfast at noon.

The sound of a small Scrabble game between the girls.

The Sun popping through the thick fog and waking us up from our afternoon nap.

The smell of the smoke as it leaked out of the fireplace.

The invention of new mixed drinks and ping pong games.

There are too many more to even count, but the ridiculous amount of laughter is what we will remember the most. We all laughed until we nearly cried at least once and those special moments will never be forgotten.

I made sure to pay attention to the little things around us and give you all a quick glimpse into the fun we all had….enjoy!

Many of you are aware of Andrea’s sister and her current sickness. Please continue to keep her in your prayers, as she needs it dearly.

all grown up

“The more that you read, the more things that you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

–Dr. Seuss

We have had the pleasure of taking Hali’s pictures all through her first year. We can’t believe she is already 1!


-Hold You in My Arms-

Thank you to our beautiful model, Hannah Lyn, my sister’s 5 year old daughter.  Jesica (yes one S) has some mighty strong genes, her other daughter Madelyn (2), is looking more and more like her with every passing day.