Emily and Lee

We are so excited for this engagement session post! Emily and Lee wanted to do their session at Emily’s family farm in Independence, VA and it was beautiful. The house is very old and has not been occupied for many years. It is still well furnished with vintage antiques and made for a great setting. The house had a spooky feel and we gave a lot of the photographs a hazy, vintage black and white which makes this post great for October. We loved all the light fixtures that were exposed without any covering and the AMAZING black walnut tree that is over 1oo hundred years old in the front yard! What a perfect place and perfect couple. We can’t wait to take their wedding photographs in July of next year here at the same home site!

Hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


Erin and Lawton–September 24, 2011

Within the last 8 days, Andrea and I have driven over 2,400 miles and taken approximately 5,800 photographs.  Needless to say this is our peak season, and we couldn’t be happier!

Erin and Lawton share a love that has lasted through Lawton’s service in the military and more importantly a tour in Afghanistan.  It’s incredibly easy to see how much they cherish their time together after being around them a very short time. Their happiness and joy for one another is inspiring to all.

They were married at the Boxwood Estate in Mocksville, NC

Thanks for being an amazing couple and special thanks to you, Lawton, for your courageous service.

change is on the way…

We were fortunate enough to have traveled to Shreveport, Louisiana this weekend for the Three Nails Photography workshop.

The 14 hour drive was daunting and tiresome but after meeting some phenomenal artists and learning what I know now, it was totally worth it.

We have been thrilled for some awesome changes that we have had in store for several months and there is no better time to introduce them to everyone than now.  After working with Meredith Smith of M Design Group for the past several weeks, we now have a new logo and brand that fits our style perfectly! Thanks Meredith!

Along with that, we are also completely moved into our office space above The Bride’s Choice in Locust, NC. This is where our day to day operations will be taking place and where we will be holding all consultations for upcoming clients!

So stop by and show us some love!

Below are a couple sneak previews of two shoots I shot in Louisiana with Three Nails Photography!

We hope you enjoy!

Below, Baily Methvin, wore an amazing Vera Wang wedding gown.

More to come from both of these shoots soon!

Many thanks to Hunter and Brittany Leone for the awesome inspiration!