.the summer.

Not too much going on this week but editing lots and lots of photos each day.

We have gotten some awesome news this week….over the next few months we are going to have some of our photo shoots featured on several different wedding blogs. ((at least 12 features so far!)) So that has been exciting!

Andrea and I walked around my parents house today and found some delicious blackberries. The perfect stress relief.

Krista and Corey–June 3, 2011

We couldn’t have asked for a better wedding to photograph.  Everything was absolutely perfect. A ton of the credit goes to the exquisite venue, its owners, and their team of assistants;  Il Bella Gardens, by Larry and Kim McIlwaine.

Krista and Corey provided us with some of the most natural and picturesque photographs, we have ever taken.  Their easy going personalities, and willingness to do anything to capture the perfect shot, made for an amazing combination.

It doesn’t hurt that they are high school sweethearts and head over heels in love for each other.

PS: their Photo Booth photos will be coming tomorrow!


This past Friday, we had some of the most fun we have ever had at a wedding.  We set up an awesome vintage styled photo booth for Corey and Krista Fraley’s wedding at Il Bella Gardens. Here are just a few to give you an idea of how it looked!

Ok, so we like to have some fun too.

a lot.