Welcome to Connection Photography’s brand new blog!

Over the past few weeks we have been tirelessly designing and redesigning our new blog in hopes of having it ready before our first wedding of the year.  Thankfully, we finished it just in the nick of time! We have uploaded a TON of photos so that we would have a nice portfolio of our previous photos and most of our weddings from last year.  In the past, we have frequently updated our website to show you our new wedding previews.  This was not the most effective way of showing you our work and we wanted something we could completely customize.  Therefore, from now on, we will be posting the wedding previews here on our blog.  We think that you will all like this option much better as we can post as many photos as we want and they are also much larger and clearer!

The past two months have been a refresher for both of us.  We have been able to take an extended break from editing and focus on our goals for this year.  We have already met surpassed our overall goal of weddings for the year and are continuing to book more as the weeks pass.  Ideas have been flowing for over 8 weeks now and we are extremely excited to get back behind the camera.

We hope each of you enjoy the blog and please let us know what you think as you gaze through all of our photos because we LOVE any feedback!!

The first photo below is a symbol of the past couple months.  An anxious waiting game.

Thank you all very much—-joseph and andrea

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day between Andrea and I has always been a holiday where we try to spend as little money as possible on one another. Therefore, we typically give homemade gifts. Here is a look at some photos I took for her that would remind her of our weekend together.